Pirate Isle Slots

We personally would rank Pirates up there with one of the greatest creations of humankind. Right along side the wheel and penicillin, the dawn of pirates was something that will be echo and the annals of history for all time. The fact that they have currently gone into hibernation is a shame, but games like this let us relive the legend, and realize why they make our heart sing so loudly, and we think of them every day. If you’re looking for the greatest pirate game on the planet, at the current moment, this is us. We have tried all of them, I can say that with confidence!

Aside from that, Pirate Isle slot game is still pretty good. Even if it wasn’t for the amazing art style and the most well-chosen theme they could find, this is still a solid game with wonderful mechanics that looks great and plays wonderfully. Even if they were not pirates, the characters here display the kind of thought and attention you expect from something like Pixar would put out. The betting amounts are also completely accessible across the board, and you can win up to 2000 times any of yoru bets, and that’s quite a bit, and given the 25 pay lines and all else, adds up to a great jackpot. There are also bonus rounds that show up that let you get a jackpot, and everything comes together in a way that seems intent to give you money.

We are absolutely gushing every time we think of this game because of how well it came out. Every single pirate on the planet pales in comparison to some of what they’ve done here, and even the leading characters look fit to have their own series. This is not a cheap afterthought game with pirates in it, this is a handcrafted pirate extravaganza that will have even the haters changing their minds and putting on an eyepatch!

What You Can Expect

For starters, the game is absolutely wonderful and breathtaking to look at. There is not a single thing on the screen that isn’t going to make you smile, even if you are not a fan of the title theme. They really did put a lot into this game, pulled out all the stops, and you can tell based on the results of how much effort they put into it!

Everything is vibrant, animated, and colorful. None of the 3-D models look cheap, instead looking professionally done. This is a rarity in the space, most 3-D slots looking like absolute crap, if we are to be honest. This one does not, however, and all of the textures across the characters look wonderfully done. That alone will make it stand out from the moment you play it, but is not the only thing that will keep you going!

The jackpots and bonus rounds here also very interesting, which will keep you firmly on the poop deck for a long time to come. We’ll refrain from trying to make any more pirate jokes, but you can expect a fast-paced game that pays out very well and has a lot of punctuated moments of jackpots and bonuses.

What They Could Have Improved

This is a hard topic for us to broach here, because we really do love the way that this game came out. With that in mind, however, there are some things they probably could have done to keep things a little more tightly wound. For starters, they could have up to the maximum multiplier is that show up whenever you make a bet. 2000 times about it certainly is a lot, as are the many free games that are going to shower winnings like rain in stormy waters, but it would have been great if they simply made it a lot higher. Plenty of games go up into the 10,000 for multipliers, so it would not be unheard of. It would be great if the jackpot was a little higher as well, although we would say that every game on the market!

General Style and Presentation

The way that this game looks, as we said, is absolutely wonderful. It has the vibrant enthusiasm of a feature film, the wonderful through the artwork of a professionally done computer graphics department, and the general direction of someone that would make a film like Pirates of the Caribbean. Although there is no Johnny Depp, you will find no shortage of the charisma that is present in films of that kind. They pulled out all the stops here, came up with a compelling package, and we love every last bit of the way that it looks.

One thing but definitely stands out is the fact that the colors look like they are all on the deck of a pirate ship itself, sailing the seas on blue waters with nice clear skies. This makes it all seem ironically serene given the theme of pillaging in the left, and we wouldn’t have it any other way!

Summing Up the Game

Pirate Isle Slots is a wonderful game based on a compelling theme that was impeccably executed and manages to blow all the other slots out of the water! Even compared to other pirate games, this one is definitely one of the best, if not the best game we have ever played on the same. It pays well, play is wonderful, and it is hard to find much to criticize about it that we wouldn’t say about most games. If you are a pirate fan, you probably already started playing. If you’re not, however, this game may change your mind, and it is good enough to play even if you actively hate what it is about! We recommended immediately, and feel you should not wait another moment to jump aboard!