Eternal Love Slots

Vampires are one of the few supernatural creatures that live a modern lavish lifestyle of riches and luxury. As seen in modern day TV and motion pictures, that has the public mesmerized with the beauty, style and romance that is far from the old days of Bela Lugosi. Real Time Games (RTG) has brought this popular theme to a 5 reel 243 ways to win slot game called Eternal Love Slots.

Eternal Love Slots features excellent quality graphics, grand music and quality animations, to swoon mortal players in. Eternal Love Slots features grouped wilds and free spins and even has a hidden multiplier play.

Be a Slayer: Eternal Love Slots

Given the theme of the online slot game it features images you would expect to see to create the atmosphere for the blood thirsty, Haunting Vampire scenery that includes vampire characters tomb, classic vampire imagery, bats, headstones and lavish Victorian style garments and animated blood splatter that will take you to the world of the immortals.

The Symbols of the low value icons are the basic stock playing cards but creatively etched into headstones. The higher paying symbols are the three main title characters and their priceless jewelry. The wild is represented by the Enteral Love Logo. A coin with a heart featured in the design is the games scatter and when the heart is blood filled it specifies the games distinctive life force meter multiplier.

A Different Approach To The Bonus: Eternal Love Slots

Real Time Games has brought the gamer a different approach to the bonus in this game. Like many game 3 or more scatter symbols gives you free spins, 10 in this game, but the difference is, before you start your spin a secret multiplier value is hidden behind the games life-force meter and is revealed to the gamer only when the spins complete. If the hidden value is worth more than your free spins, more spins are given. Given one at a time until the win tops that value. Your bonus meter goes from 1x to 10x your initial wager and the life force value can reach up to 1000x multiplier.

If you don't spin any winnings, don't fret, a null spin triggers a second feature; this brings to play the stacked wilds on reels 2 and 4. With a combination of 243 ways to win plus a 3x multiplier means possibly some monstrous winning combinations.

Become Immortal: Eternal Love Slots

Come out of the Dark Shadows into the Twilight with this Real Time Games approach to the world of Immortality, Romance and the dark but beautiful world of Vampires with this Exciting and Stunning, yet unique online slot game, Eternal Love Slots.