Scuba Fishing Slots

From the moment you start up again and see if the lovable little scuba diver swimming up and down on the left-hand side, you’re going to fall in love with this one. It is playful, well done, and within our budget that could rival most Saturday morning cartoon shows nowadays. We suppose there are no longer Saturday morning cartoons, but Netflix binges, but you get the point! Scuba Fishing is a well done game that looks absolutely lovely, was clearly made with a lot of love, and features animated underwater sea creatures all the while. We were very impressed with the way the game came out, our main criticism is having to do with some of mundane expects of the game play mechanics. This doesn’t stop it from being a hit, however!

Unlike many other games that have fish as the theme, this one really does look like it has an entire underwater universe that is swimming and dancing right in front of you. It makes it all feel like you’re almost playing a real video game here, with the reels themselves actually looking like they are alive. It looks so good that you might just stop just to stare at it for a while, seeing the little fish is whack their fans, and the little sea urchins doing whatever it is you would call that sea urchins do!

If you’re looking for something that is high on concepts, production values, and things of that nature, this one by real time gaming is going to be a wonderful fit for you. It is fairly standard in every way but the graphics, but that also makes it more immersive, and easier to sink into, if you will excuse our pun! You will have a wonderful time with this one, and be able to enjoy what it’s like underwater without actually having to get wet. To get paid on top of that is sublime.

What You Can Expect

First and for most if you love this sort of thing and can just let the game load up while you are reading this review, you can casually scroll up to see what you’re getting into. It looks absolutely lovely with swimming sharks, fish, treasure chest pounding up and down, and a little underwater bubble separating the different elements. It’s so over the top that we are surprised it made it into a slot game! You can tell that they cared a lot about what they’re doing, and that’s that’s the town very well for everything else that comes after.

Another thing we love about this game that you will notice right away is how quick it is. The images spend by faster than you would typically say and slots of this kind, and the lovely scuba diver has a very playful way of highlighting which ones you win with a photograph. This effectively doubles the number of images you will see, having both the moving and pulsating 3-D models as well as wonderful photographic renderings of them as well. It makes it all come alive and be very fun, and personally, we smile just thinking about it!

What They Could Have Improved

Although the overall package is a joy, and we think this one is a solid entry, the gameplay is still pretty Spartan. They put so much into the graphics that they probably didn’t have a whole lot of time to think about anything else, so you are mostly going to get the standard 27 lines, the three reels, and that’s about it. They have some free spins and multipliers that show up, but nothing that’s all that great. You can only burn up to 100 coins at a time, for example, and it’s all fairly standard. You can get $1000 in cash if you get the sword fish reel’s, but I wouldn’t expect those to show up too often. This isn’t a game that is about winning a whole bunch, this is a game that is about having a good time and playing to your heart’s content.

General Style and Presentation

This game was clearly to make a underwater wonderland feel quite alive and pulsating as you played it. It’s so breathtaking that you’ll probably find yourself stuff just to see it, and taking breaks just to appreciate it. We had a wonderful time just looking at it, and even as we write this review, seeing it all move and turn on the side of our screen is still fine in and of itself!

They really had a lot of enthusiasm and they made it in, making everything bright and colorful, more so than fish in reality itself. This is more of a lighthearted animated take on the themes, only done with 3-D models. We really like the way it all came out, and it feels very fresh and fun, whereas most games about fish mostly just feel silly. Not that there’s anything wrong with silly, but it’s a nice change of pace for the genre!

Summing Up the Game

Scuba Fishing Slots is one of the best damn games about fish on the market, has a very realistic and aquarium like approach that is a game in enough itself just the watch, and it almost looks like you are sitting in on an underwater world as it unfolds while you play. They didn’t cheap out on anything here, and when you see the shark come in for a bonus round, you’ll see full well how much they put into it! We tend to win quite a bit while we played it, we had fun seeing everything that was going on the whole time, and it all felt like a giant celebration the whole way through. This one gets one of our top recommendations, we think everyone will love it, and you should all play it right now!