The Nice List Slots

We always find thought of Christmas as one of our favorite holidays, but that it was made better if it had a little something added. In the same way, the devs took everything we love about the holiday season, and combined it with some of the nicest tits we've ever seen. Taking an offbeat approach to the usual way over done holiday spirit, The Nice List is a treat for the eyes, and will warm your heart, as well as some other areas! It is a joy in all ways, provided you are the right audience for it, and are open to this somewhat raunchy nature of the theme.

Even if the theme was not present, however, there are still many things going for this game that make it a cut above the rest. The amount you can bet, for example, becomes a game in and of itself, thanks to the 1024 number of lines you can bet on through the always pay technology. This is a triumph for slot going fans of all kinds, and one of the only true innovations we've seen in the genre for years. It makes us wish everybody else would copy them, as we would love to see this mechanic present in all games!

As if that were not enough, you can win up to 18,000 times each bet you make. This is huge as far as multipliers go, and is accompanied by free games that often show up, usually coming in at around 10. When you have those together, you have a game that's going to keep you playing for quite some time, give you quite a lot of money for your troubles, and this is all while looking absolutely breathtaking and even offering you some female eye candy to boot! There are not many other games like this one, the only other ones that come to mind being in the same franchise this is from. If you like the idea, love the game mechanics we've gone over, and can see yourself sinking into this one no matter the time of year, we recommend you give it a try. It is one of our favorite games, and we didn't even think we would like to have when we went into it!

What You Can Expect

Of all the games on the market, we definitely did not expect a game that was going to be about oggling at the female figure to be all that good. This game blew away our expectations with that, however, and ended up being one of our favorite ones that we have played this season. This is all despite the game being seasonal itself, and we weren't even playing it around Christmas time! It really does come together well enough to warm your heart no matter the season, as well as your pants if you are so inclined.

The gameplay mechanics here are also wonderful, and I absolutely love the fact that I can bet in so many ways that I would never run out. You really could spend your time just trying to bet in a new combination, and you would probably never hit the maximum number of patterns that you could achieve. This makes for a well-balanced set of gameplay mechanics alongside the wonderful theme, and the art style as well Dan and high budget on top of that. There's not much to dislike about the game, so you should go in with modest expectations and be expecting to be blown away!

What They Could Have Improved

One thing we definitely would have love to see is a progressive jackpot. This might be asking a lot considering everything else they manage to put into the game, but it would be the icing on this otherwise delectable candycane of the game. Or maybe snow cone? Those are technically more winter themed, and not Christmas, but you get the idea! They could have had a huge jackpot in tandem with the 18,000 multiplier to alongside your bets, which would have work just as well, at least for the player. We understand that the developer would go broke in the process, however!

General Style and Presentation

If you have ever seen the Dickens Village is, or of the wonderful paintings of Christmas towns, this game looks just like that, only with breasts so big they will make you blush. They certainly made the characters themselves blush, and everyone in the game generally looks like they're having a good time! It is a nice, cheery holiday spirit sort of thing, and looks so well damn that it could easily be a painting on your wall. That is very unexpected for a game to take some of its tone from playboy, but it's all done and a classy enough away that it never mattered just to feel cheap or exploitive. It's all perfectly balanced, completely well done, and a joy to see you!

Summing Up the Game

The Nice List Slots is one of only two or three games we can think of that made Santa Claus happy by giving him his own Christmas presents in the form of beautiful women and lots of presents! These are the kinds of things that go into a wonderful holiday, and as a player, we would love to be getting these things ourselves on our old holidays. We really fell in love with this game after just a few spins, and think that if you were open to the playful nature of the concept, and are OK with adult theme, you will like this one too. It's not quite as adult as something like playboy or hustler magazine, this one being more tongue-in-cheek than anything else. As you can tell, we had a blast with this one, we trust you will have a blast with it too, and if you are playing it in any month of the year, it's just is fine, if not better, than around Christmas itself!