Double Ya Luck Slots

This classy throwback by Real Time gaming is one that will have everybody playing with a smile on their face. Keeping things very simple but at the same time having high production values, the theme celebrates what made Classic slots so addictive while at the same time adding in modern trappings. The color scheme is divine, the winnings are wonderful, and you’ll have a hard time pulling yourself away from this one. We absolutely love all the rainbow winning antics that we have while playing it, and only wish for a sequel!

If you’re looking for something very complicated with crazy bonus rounds, Double Ya Luck is definitely not that. It is classic to the point of a fault, only awards free spins, it keeps everything tightly focused on what made spots originally great. If that appeals to you, however, or you are simply on these for the money, the scan was made with you in mind, and you can place your bets starting right now!

Whether you’re into dice, cards, or roulette, everything here is thematically represented in the game. It is unexpected that this ended up being a slot machine game despite that, but it is someone sitting with the way it all comes together. We loved all of the graphics, the wilds, and of course the jackpot, which all though small, is far more feasible and easier to win. It is a good game for people that want something appropriate to a nice afternoon, or a quick way to win some money between lunch. If this sounds at all like you, and you have an ace or two up your sleeve, then hopefully your luck will be in favor when you play this one!

What You Can Expect

For starters, you can expect to win about as much as you want it anywhere else, times two! That’s where of the title gets its meaning from, with the opportunity to win up to 10,000 times any better. This is in addition to all the standard way as you have of winning, it comes up wonderfully often in our experience. There are also more betting amounts then you may be used to, making a very accessible and inspiring. The fact that it is a three reel game also makes it very familiar, and an easy thing to jump into no matter what you’re doing.

Some games get overly complicated, I can take a while just to take in what all they are about and how it works. This game is not like that at all, however, and plays a lot better for that reason! We love it, and had a wonderful time with how fast it flew by, and everything else associated with the experience.

You can also look forward to skyhigh production values, which make a smile just looking at the screenshots right now!

What They Could Have Improved

Although we really like the theme in the art style of the game, there’s plenty that we could see improved about the game like this. The accessible nature of it is nice, but it would have been even nicer if they had a hefty progressive jackpot floating along the top. We do enjoy the existing jackpot, which is enough to keep us interested, but we would have far more fun if there were far more at stake.

There is also the fact that, although this game is a sight to behold, a lot of the reel images are somewhat standard fare. We think they could have drawn on a larger number of different types of casino games, which would have been perfectly in line with the theme.

It would also have been nice to have a little bit more when it comes to the pay lines. Sure, the three reel formula does keep things somewhat narrow, but we think they could’ve managed it.

General Style and Presentation

The whole point of this game that is that it looks like a casino, plays like a slot, and as a general celebration of that entire culture. If you like really bright shiny things, roulette, betting chips, and things of that nature, you will find all of them over the backdrop of the perfectly chosen color green, and next to a bunch of rainbow trappings that make it all feel neon and the life. It is very much a Vegas game, taking that seem to heart, and looking splendid in the process.

We actually enjoy the theme so much that we wish more games would keep it simple and do it like this. Although we like very nicely done illustrations of things of that nature, there is something to be said for a game that is simply well-made, looks very enticing, and has production values higher than anything around. It makes it no wonder why these games were originally popular, and keeps you interested long into the night.

Summing Up the Game

Double Ya Luck Slots is a game made for slot fans that know what they like and would like more of it. It celebrates classic casino culture, brings a fast pace alongside of it to match, and matches it with a caretaking to the graphics that seem on par with what things would have come out as if it were somewhat of a future video game. If you like really big jackpots, you’ll have to wait for a different game. This game, however, it’s for those that have a love of simply spending, want to be able to play in short spurts, don’t wanna complicate a game mechanics getting in the way, and feel that they are completely content with just trying to spend more time with this one. If any of this sounds like something that you would enjoy it, you are in luck! You can play right now, start up instantly, and go for as long as your wallet will take you!