Santastic Slots

We're pretty sure that everyone knows what this one is about. With a name like that, you know Santa will be present, and once you see the title image, you know the Rudolph will be there alongside him. There are many games about Christmas, and most of them are very good. This one, however, makes us want to email all the developers of the other ones for how to do it right! It is very fast, simple, and to the point. It is also a joy to look at, and some of the graphics are so good that they authentically make us hungry when we look at them. We weren't expecting that given how played out of the theme of Christmas is in the slot world, but walked away happy, it would not change a thing about this one!

As far as the gameplay goes, you will find things that are most familiar here. If you have ever played a game by real time gaming, do you know what to expect. That is not a bad thing, however! The standardize number of reel's, in this case being three, make for a very fast pace of play. When they were taken together with the only five lines that you can bet on, you will have a game that will not take much brain power to start, and give you a Zen like to experience the longer you sit with it. There is also a lot to be said for how accessible the betting amounts are, only being pennies for coins. You can't go up much higher than that, but with a game like this, you'll be playing long enough that you will need to!

If you want to see what the rest of the genre Christmas themed games have to contend with now, and what they all could have done differently to be better, this is a shining example of how to do it right, and one that has almost no competitor of the market. If you love Christmas, money, and it happens to be the season, this is a perfect way to spend your break. Even if you just love one of those things, however, anytime of year is a good time to jump into this well-made and finally crafted game!

What You Can Expect

There are not that many games about Christmas out there, at least when it comes to ones that are well done. The crappy ones are limitless, however, which may make most players want to skip this one going into it. Do not let the theme hold you back, however! This game is not like the rest, and they did a far better job. You will find nothing but love in the way the imagery was done, and it all comes together in an absolutely perfect way. We can't think of anything about this game that we would change, and it made us want to revisit the Christmas genre after playing it.

The focus of this game here was clearly to keep the player sitting for a long span of time and not giving that much to think about. They're trying to get you to relax, sink in, and lose track of the hours. They did not put very much into this that is at all complicated, including the coin sizes and betting amounts. You cannot even buy all that much here, only being five dollars at most! Well this may put some people off, you will have a very good time with that because of how well it all comes together. The multiplier is more than make up for this, going up to $2500 for a spin. They're also managed to be a progressive jackpot here, which is not usually the case for a game of this kind.

What They Could Have Improved

Despite all the many and infinitely nice things we have the say about this game, it is by no means perfect. Although it is easily one of the best themed games about Christmas on the market, there's still plenty of things they could have done here to try to make it a little bit better. It would've been nice to been able to bet more if we would like, for example. Although the low betting amounts to make for longer play sessions, we would rather that be a choice more than a necessity. We also enjoyed all of the graphics so much that we think it would benefit from having a sequel. They can make that one have a larger number of reel's, and have the imagery double alongside of that!

General Style and Presentation

You know that as a Christmas game, you're going to see some usual tropes. These include Santa Claus, reindeer, candy canes, and various gifts. There is of course also snow. And all of those are present here, all of it looks absolutely wonderful. It has a charming quality to it that will make you smile, and some of the food that they manage to draw into this one looks so tasty that our mouth is watering right now! It really is a joy, and is the way it all comes together is going to make you smile, even if Christmas is a whole year away!

Summing Up the Game

Santastic Slots is our favorite Christmas game on the market. We absolutely loved it when we played it, and will now have a new standard to compare all the other Christmas themed games to there after. If you want something a little bit different, this one will probably fit the bill. It will exceed your expectations, leaves nothing to chance, and we had an absolute blast with it the longer we played it. It even has a nice jackpot for you, and pretty much everything else in tow. Whether it's Christmas or you're just thinking about saving up for it, give this one a try!