Jumping Beans Slots

This game has the feature one of the weirdest premises we’ve ever heard. We played games about sharks, about Santa Claus, about bears, scuba divers, dogs, dogs in space, and dogs flying around fighting Santa Ana scuba diving outfit. But we have not played, however, is a game about beans. Not only beans, but jumping beans! We never thought we’d see the day, but here we are, looking at it right now, and we wouldn’t believe it if we were writing about it!

This Mexican theme slot machine game by real time gaming is a nice looking three real game that is very simple to play, but very complicated when it comes to putting it down! There are very high payouts, going up to 1000 times a bet. There are also all kinds of comedic antics present throughout the presentation, which extends far beyond the simple caricatures that are featured on the reel images. These extend all the way to the sound effects, and it makes for a game that is akin to playing a Saturday morning cartoon show with a higher budget. We never expected many of these games to have a budget higher than most of the things you would see on TV, but it’s true! Or they are just terrifically madeetarded. We’re not sure which.

If you are interested in spending a long evening playing a bright and cheerful game that will put a smile on your face and add a few digits to your bank account, this one fits the bill quite well. We loved everything about it, have no qualms in the presentation, and it plays at a lightning fast pace akin to the title theme of jumping games themselves. Although it is not a big risk game, it is one that you will lose lots of hours to, and likely win just as much as in the long run!

What You Can Expect

You can tell by the title image that this was a game that was crafted with care and is pretty to look at. It does not spare any expense in the other areas, however. It is as well done as anything you will see around, and the way that the presentation comes together is just the icing on the cake. This sense of style of humor is present all throughout the game, even in the individual sound effects that pop up while you are spinning those reels. This is not usually the case and games of this kind, and there’s a welcome surprise! There’s a reason it is so popular.

You can also find many bonus rounds present, all featuring free spins to keep you going long into the night. We tend to enjoy this sort of thing, and it works very well here. Other than that, however, you have a very, very simple game. There are only three reels in total, and only five lines for you to bet on them. You can only bet up to $25 a spin, and you’re never going to break the bank on this one!

What They Could Have Improved

Despite all we liked about it, there’s still quite a bit they could’ve done to improve it. For starters, they could have easily added in some more reel’s or bending mechanics that would have made it just a bit more interesting. We understand what they’re trying to do with the simplicity of it all, but we really would have enjoyed a couple of additional features of that kind. In this case, the lack of a giant jackpot probably helps that makes sense, because you can only bet up to $25. It’s still would have been nice to have that option, however, and it would have detracted nothing from the rest of the game.

We also wish they would make a sequel for this game, because it really is hilarious to look at, and the characters grow on you enough overtime that you kind of want to spend more than a single game with them!

General Style and Presentation

This game is done in a very hilarious Mexican style, reminiscent of games like Lucha Libre and the like. The way it is done here, however, is no less unique. It’s similar to a cartoon like Ren & Stimpy, only with a very different subject matter. The color scheme is also very vibrant, and feels fiery and spicy, just like the culture it is based on! They really hit the nail on the head with this one, and we would not change a thing about the presentation here.

Our only misgiving is the small number of reel’s, but only because that limits the number of images that you will see. Although it would make our chances of winning go down, we would have love to see more of these cute and colorful little illustrations, which are the real joy of the experience here!

Summing Up the Game

Jumping Beans Slots is easily one of the funniest and most well done Mexican games on the market. It does nothing to poke fun of the culture, but instead celebrates it in comedic style. The colors are bright, cheerful, and inviting. There is nothing about the way that it looks that you will likely find fault in, and people of all ages can get in on this one. It is very simple, to the point, and there aren’t that many things in the way of bonus features here for you, but it is a game that’s hard to put down, and equally as impossible to forget. You will find yourself spinning long into the evening, and winning more free spins along the way. If you’re looking for something different, fun, and are looking to laugh while you play it, this one will be at the top of our list for a game like that!